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It is often said that the things we go through in life, are part of the weaving of a beautiful tapestry wherein lies our passion, purpose and significance. Going through a rough childhood has little or nothing to do with our background, for a Christian, every phase of life is a foundation for a life of significant impact and eternal value depending on the choices we make along the line.
Bamike Adeyemi, better known as OBA tells the stories of her life and her walk with God, how she has remained consistent with her pursuit against all odds and how she is morphing into a greater level of significance in her journey as a singer minister, speaker, coach and teacher.
You will be encouraged to find strength and solace in God when the chips are down , you will understand that all of us have a peculiar burden to carry and as we doggedly carry our cross , we encourage others to do so. You will also learn how to turn to ashes to beauty …

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Adeyemi Bamike, “OBA” as she is fondly called is a singer minister, a neosouljazz musician with the mantra making a divine statement with an African signature. believes she has been giving three mediums(Singit,Sayit,Writeit) to inspire motivate and propel people to find themselves in God and tenaciously run with their mandate to flood the earth with their unique expression.
A certified Coach, Speaker , Teacher and trainer with the John Maxwell Team
a mentor at Merea connects which is a mentoring through intentional relationship platform set up to give back to young creatives. The founder of the Finding Nemo Discovery Series- A coaching platform for personal growth and transformation.
She is a graduate of Electrical electronics engineering from the university of ADO EKITI, also a diploma holder at the Daystar executive advanced training and Daystar Basic leadership academy, a persuasion expert and emotional intelligence/personal growth coach.
She is an ordained minister with theredeemed Christian church of God, and also a recording artist under the One Halleujah records of the Rccg worldwide.
She and her husband are blessed with three boys.